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SEMINARS - Health & Safety South

28th February 2012 Conference

Full details of the Confernce and seminar programme for Health and Safety South are detailed below.  To register to attend any of the sessions simply review the details here, note down the codes for the sessions you wish to join and then identify these when you Register.

Code Time Speakers Topic Overview
British Safety Council
S1A 09:30-10:15 Dr Paul Almond, Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Reading Current Directions in Government Policy

The presentation will address some of the most significant recent developments to have taken place in relation to Government health and safety policy, particularly in relation to the Löfstedt Review of 2011 and subsequent developments that follow on from its recommendations. Also, discussion of recent developments in terms of corporate manslaughterprosecutionsand health and safety enforcement policy.

S1B 11:10-11:55 Shaun Knott, Business Manager, Casella Measurement Workplace Monitoring for CoSHH

The presentation will guide you through the steps necessary to conform to CoSHH in respect of dust and fume monitoring in the workplace, explaining "WEL’s” and how to apply them. It will cover different sampling methods, media and analysis. It will also take you through the steps that can be taken to conduct your own workplace monitoring, saving time and costs.

S1C 12:50-13:35 Malcolm Tullett, Director, Risk and Safety Plus How Not to Get Your Fingers Burnt Bringing a unique approach to fire safety, the presentation will cover risk management and provide information concerning the practical side of fire protection, advice on evacuation plans and how to comply with the DDA requirements of the Equality Act. It will also include how to ensure that repairs and improvements don’t leave you with a non-compliant building. It will then explore the areas where legislative requirements overlap and conflict, with  thoughts on the recent proposal of the HSE to expand into a paid consultancy and the quandary that could present if enforcement action is pursued.
S1D 14:30-15:15 Howard Dawes, Portfolio Manager - Environment, British Safety Council Environment and Sustainability Management - Duties, Strategies and Developments A strategic overview of environmental and sustainability issues nationally and highlights of the main requirements for duty holders and key developments and policies likely to affect organisations in the future.
Event Partner
S1E 10:20 - 11:05 Alan McArthur: 3M Occupational Health & Environmental Safety Are you fit enough?...A practical guide to fit testing and competency Fit testing is legal requirement for all tight respirators and a challenge across many industries. This seminar aims to give practical advice to anyone who is implementing a fit testing programme. It will include topics such as:- When and why to fit test; Fit testing methods and fundamentals; A practical guide to fit testing including hints and tips; How to handle failures; Judging competence to fit test and the Fit2Fit accreditation scheme.

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S1F 12:00 - 12:45 Dupont Personal Protection Is Your Chemical Protective Clothing Really Protecing You?
All suits may look the same, but are you confident your chemical protective clothing is really protecting you and your staff?
With the help of Professor Victor Tytonius, these questions will be conclusively answered.  In a series of videos, the Professor will lead you through some revealing experiments on the three most commonly used materials in chemical protective clothing: Tyvek (r), Microporous film and SMS.

S1G 13:40 - 14:25 James Wakerly, Ansell Territory Sales Manager Oil is a harmful chemical Oil and cooling liquid used in various applications can be harmful to workers' health. However the hand protection used in oily environments is often designed for chemical and/or mechanical applications. Consequently, the wrong gloves are frequently used. This seminar explores the need for a greater focus on reducing skin exposure to oils and lubricants.

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S1H 14:30 - 15:15 Ken Smith: Divisional Director - Consultancy Services, Arc Associates "Safety is a Can Do Business"
Legislation requires that you manage health and safety in all areas of business.  Safety should not be restrictive but a positive approach to good business management; it isn't about can't do. 'Safety is a Can Do Business' is a seminarwhich challenges these misconceptions and discusses the benefits of doingit right.